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Are you really serious about your business?

Power has shifted to customers, and we have to accept it. Right?
Today, your customers, like mine, are much better informed than ever before.

Are you really listening to your customers and giving them what they really want?

Trust me when I tell you that most of the time, you’re not.

Digital marketing e comunicazione: dal brand ai social media.

What’s happening there? In this multichannel world?

“Traditional digital marketing no longer works, and 20% of consumers would boycott a brand because of excessive ads.” [Statistic on Adblocking usage in the world]

The consumers expect more, but not more ads; they want more exciting content, transparency, value, and inspiration. Consumers need to trust, and people believe other people: “Ninety-two percent of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source” [Cit.”Love It Or Hate It: Influencer Marketing Works” by Daniel Newman, Forbes].

So, what can we do to reach our audience? Invest in good content and build trusting relationships. Content Marketing and, Today more than ever, Influencer marketing.

Do you want to know more about influencer marketing?

Learn More IM on my page and download the report on the state dell’influencer marketing in Italy.

Metella Pegoraro • Content and Influencer Marketing

So, here I am.

I can help you find your audience, listen to them, and sell better; that doesn’t necessarily mean more. Manipulation techniques don’t work anymore. A genuine relationship creates a loyal audience that is really engaged and will become an auto ambassador for your brand.

Transforming the profound sense into simple, child-proof messages: this is communication for me.

My job is to produce better content that is consistent, pertinent, lead-worthy and generates trust for brands on every channel. I also work with the brands to find the right influencer to create the most effective marketing campaign and real benefit. My Digital PR is from human to human: no automation and not a limited pack of influencers. Data drive analysis is not the whole picture. I strongly believe in “hand-made scouting.” I then manage the workflow and analyze the results. Real relationships, highly customized marketing plans, and a strong digital PR foundation are my assets.

I’m a freelancer. I can work quickly, wholly devoted to your project, and I’m cost-effective. I am based in Italy; so, if you are an international brand interested in spreading your business here, why not try to engage with Italian influencers? More about me on my BIO page.