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Metella Pegoraro • Content e Influencer Marketing


What I do is what I love: stories and people; in other words, content and relationships.

I’m a Digital Marketer who has been around in this business for more than 13 years. At the beginning of my career, I started focusing on content marketing and visual design. I saw social media growing step by step. When I created my Facebook account in Italy, I struggled to find some Italian friends. I jumped into digital PR, Social Media, and Influencer Marketing because I was blown away by how creative people can be.


You are a pro, a start-up, a content curator/influencer or business owner, but you are also a customer, aren’t you? You are the audience of some brand, or you follow influencers or bloggers on social media. So you know what I mean when I say “the whole game has changed.” According to HubSpot Research, only 12% of people actually believe a  business when they say, “We put the customer first.” I’m in the 88% group, and I’m willing to bet you’re in that group too.

So, what can we do about this issue?

Create good stories that care for people.

In other words, give them what they want: information, education, value, quality, and finally, the right product that responds to their inspirations. Focusing on quality and people, we can build trusting relationships, and reaching a relevant ROI when real people become ambassadors of quality, delivering consistent and well-done content. This is the future: better content and serious influencer marketing.

More about influencer marketing
Digital PR on my way: from human to human.

I’m a freelancer, and my job is to produce better content for brands in every channel: consistent, pertinent, lead, and trust generating content. I identify the best channels and the right tone to engage the audience in an authentic and relevant way. I also work with the brands to find the right influencer to create the most effective campaign marketing and get real benefit. I strongly believe in handmade scouting, managing workflow, and analyzing. Real relationships, highly customized marketing plans, and strong digital PR foundations are my assets.

I can work quickly, I will be wholly devoted to your project and cost-effective. I am based in Italy, and if you are an international brand interested in spreading your business here, why not try to engage with Italian influencers?

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