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Yes, and influencer marketing can still make a difference

Several recent studies show how compelling influencer content is in the buyers’ journey and is in terms with ROI.

“Businesses who understand influencer marketing gain impressive returns, up to $18 in earned media value for every dollar they spend on influencer marketing. Even average firms achieve impressive results, with an average earned media value of $5.20 per dollar they spend on influencer marketing.” [SOURCE, The State of Influencer Marketing 2019: Benchmark Report, Influencer Marketing Hub]

Making a good influencer marketing, it’s not so easy

Brands should be careful about WHO they choose as influencers and HOW they collaborate. Influencer marketing that resembles a traditional adv and paid promotion doesn’t work: the original message is the focus, not promotions and offers. Promotions and offers are suitable for another touchpoint of the funnel.

1. Engagement is more important than the reach

Choose an influencer genuinely involved in your content and build a long-term brand vision to create engaging content. The influencer has to be passionate about your content to engage his audience, and if he is not, his reach becomes valueless. Finally, attach more importance to quality content than to the number of followers.

2. Don’t take advantage of other creativity badly: cooperate, and truly take account of influencer’s role in your buyer’s journey

Influencers are creative people; they have their style, and it’s because of their style that they attract an audience and build a community. They know how to talk with their community, and, sure, better than you.

An occasional campaign or product launch doesn’t make any sense. Take the time to know your influencer and his community and engage with both. Let them feel free to create content. The only way to succeed is through mutual trust. Don’t hire the influencer as a testimonial in an old-fashioned advertising way. The influencer is a medium to reach your audience, and you have to engage in the storytelling process, too.

3. Long-term commitments, not random requests

A trusting relationship is a key, in business and life. Casual paid relationships are not beneficial. Long-term relationships can convert influencers into brand ambassadors and bring more value and benefits. This is why I prefer “handmade PR” and use automated platforms with specific aims in the global asset of the marketing strategy (metrics report or scan of possible frauds).

We have to find “manually” the intersection between both the brand and influencer’s aims, so we can optimize the process to obtain profitable results for both. Random paid relationships are not beneficial. Only regular content and compelling storytelling engage the audience. We can start working on increasing awareness, then build credibility around a topic or issue. In any case, remember influencers have their agenda and style, and you have to consider this to gain beneficial results and don’t lose the audience trust.

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